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HOW TO FIT A Carbon Fibre Spoiler (Universal)

How To Fit a Carbon Fibre Spoiler (Universal)

Fitting Kit Includes:

- Double Sided Tape

The Guide:

If your car does not have a boot lip spoiler fitted already, skip Steps 1-2

Step 1

Using a Heat Gun (or Hair dryer) warm the original spoiler to make the tape holding it on softer and easier to cut.

- Use fishing wire to cut the tape holding the original spoiler to remove it.

Step 2

- Use a Toffee Wheel to remove the left over tape on the boot lid.

- Once the majority of the tape has been removed, use Tar and Glue Remover to remove any traces left.

- Polish and wipe down the boot lid to prepare it for the new spoier. 

Step 3

- Apply the tape to the spoiler generously, making sure you apply it right to the edge of the spoiler all the way around.

- Once the tape is on, test fit the spoiler to ensure it fits on the boot lid nice and flush.

Step 4

- Once you're happy with the spoiler fitment, peel the tape red film and position it as per the picture bellow, (do this on the top edge of the spoiler and the bottom)

Step 5

Position the spoiler lip back into place and pull the tape red film out.


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Disclaimer - CT Carbon does not accept any responsibility or liability for issues or damage encountered during self-installation. Although we provide fitting guides, we always recommend that the parts are fitted at our HQ or by one of our fitting partners.

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