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Our Tesla Model Y Carbon Fibre Transformation

Our Tesla Model Y Carbon Fibre Transformation!

Tesla Model Y Kit Layout

We know a few things about producing carbon fibre for a number of manufacturers but one thing we are new to is the EV platforms such as Tesla. Andrey here at CT decided he wanted to own a Tesla Model Y but we had to give it the CT Carbon treatment once we had the chance so now, our Tesla Model Y Carbon fibre has been fitted & we have transformed this car into something awesome.

You can head on to our YouTube channel if you would like to watch our video content on this car & see the kind of amazing carbon fibre kits we supply for the likes of Audi, BMW, Mercedes, McLaren, Lamborghini & more. 


The Model Y is our first fully electric development/ shop car & we definitely started with something interesting. A solid black Model Y with the dual motor all-wheel drive performance upgrade which features the following upgrades over the standard. 

Increased top speed from 135 mph to 155 mph & a 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds over the standard 6.6

- 21’’ Überturbine Wheels

- Performance Brakes

- Lowered suspension

- Aluminium alloy pedals

- Carbon fiber spoiler

The Before: 

Tesla Model Y Standard Rear
Tesla Model Y Standard Front


One thing we do love here at CT is aggression but also something a little different and that’s what we decided on with our kit. A total of 11 pieces which is one of the largest kit we have ever put together but not only is it one of our biggest; it is all made from the highest quality pre-preg or dry carbon fibre as it’s known. 

The idea with this kit is to completely change the appearance of the car, there are kits that are a simple OEM+ style like our BMW F80 MP style Kit or our BMW G80 MP style kit but we decided that we wanted to take this tesla to another level with aggression in mind. 

This Tesla Model Y Carbon Fibre Kit is comprised of the following parts: 

- Carbon Fibre Front Splitter 

- Carbon Fibre Side Skirts 

- Carbon Fibre Wheel Arches 

- Carbon Fibre Diffuser with canards 

- Carbon Fibre Aggressive Spoiler 

We’ve also decided to add brand new SP Felgen Two wheels, made from forged aluminium & finished in an awesome bronze which is a colour shared by the Lamborghini huracan performante, these alloys are designed in Germany by Andrey & our team, specifically for the 4x4 market with our Tesla and the new BMW iX3 in mind. 

Our last mods include a set of springs & some new black badging. We decided to go with the Eibach Tesla Model Y 30mm Pro-Kit which lowers the car by 30mm. Andrey's decision for these springs is due to experience with this brand, offering additional firmness & performance but still keeping a close to OEM ride quality with a lower appearance. 


Fitting this new kit was incredibly easy, we’ve been really happy with not only the fitment but also the quality of our kit & how great it looks on the car. 

You can watch our YouTube video on fitting the Tesla Model Y Carbon Fibre Kit Below!

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