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Just Got A New M3 or M4? Here are our top 5 mods


BMW G80 M3 Front End

The new BMW G80 M3 and G82 M4 are the manufacturer's latest installments of the series by the manufacturer and it’s safe to say at CT that we have a soft spot for them and we’ve absolutely loved the results of our work and development on our shop car! We’ve spent 20,000 miles with ours and will review it soon, but here are our top modifications for your new M3/M4.  


The G8X from the factory, unfortunately, sits too high and we noticed the xDrive sits even higher than our G80 M3, for example, this led us to the decision of the first mod which was a set of Cobra lowering springs that adjust the height of the front by 35mm & the rear by 15mm. This first choice mod was perfect and we highly recommend lowering your G8X.  

BMW G80 Cobra Springs
Tesla Model Y Standard Front


With lowering springs come spacers. This is a non-negotiable really and a huge recommendation from us. Modern vehicles have their wheels too far into their arches and this needs to be addressed. Fair enough to the government since their reasoning is saving the human race and your alloys we’re not going to be too harsh. We would suggest something along the lines of 15mm on the front and 12mm on the rear. 

Another option is wheels, purchasing a set of alloys with the right offset could save you the need for spacers altogether which is something to definitely consider. This will cost you more but also makes a much larger difference in the car's looks. We would recommend wheels over spacers but if you’re loving the OEM G8X wheels then spacers will work for you. 


The exhaust changes that we made to our G80 have been quite successful and the exhaust note that our CTSP system achieved was great with such an aggressive note. Overall there are a lot of systems out there for this car now and we’ve done a lot of research into what makes a great system for this car. We wanted to make sure that it was valved for one & the note was aggressive but when closed, tame enough. 

There are a lot of exhaust options available now for the G8X platform and when it comes to picking a system or simple downpipe changes, it drills down to your personal preference or what's kinder to your wallet. We would highly recommend heading to our trusted performance partner MStyle with any questions or inquiries you might have.


The most recent modification that we decided to add to our own G80 development car was our carbon fibre and Alcantara steering wheel which was also paired with some of our carbon fibre paddles and the outcome was a brilliant-looking setup for the car and something that fits well, almost an OEM+ look. 

The steering wheel sets off the interior, overall the inside of the car is in need of some additional carbon fibre with the wheel so we added this and as you can see from the below image. It's definitely a worthwhile mod. 

BMW G80 M3 Steering Wheel & Paddles


The final modification for us to speak about of course is the carbon fibre on the exterior of the car with our own CT Design BMW G80/ G82 Carbon Fibre Kit. This kit is a balance between aggression and a strong OEM+ aesthetic. For us personally, carbon fibre is the way to go with this series of M cars, the reason for this is the amount of OEM carbon fibre offered. 

On our G80 M3, we designed our full CT kit which has been complimented by ducts, a CSL-style grille, and carbon fibre fender trim and mirrors which are all made from pre-preg/ dry carbon fibre. 

We highly recommend taking this option for your G80 as it adds so much to the cars road presence. If you’re a bit more of a purist or simply prefer not to go for the full kit, opt for something like a grille, ducts and side fenders/mirrors which will at least add some aggression to the front end. 

G80 M3 Front End
G80 M3 Rear End
G80 M3 Front Quarter
G80 M3 Rear Quarter



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