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First on the List: The Top 5 Mods to Take Your BMW F80 M3 to the Next Level

First on the list: the top mdos for f80 m3

Are you a proud owner of a BMW F80 M3, seeking to enhance its performance and style? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the top 5 mods that will take your BMW F80 M3 to the next level. From engine upgrades to aerodynamic enhancements, we have curated a list that is sure to satisfy even the most discerning automotive enthusiasts. 


Whether you're a track junkie or simply want to turn heads on the street, these mods will transform your F80 M3. Read on & dive into the world of aftermarket modifications for your BMW F80 M3

Performance Mods for the BMW F80 M3

When it comes to performance, the BMW F80 M3 is already a formidable machine. However, there's always room for improvement. Three performance mods will take your BMW F80 M3 to new heights.


1. BM3 ECU Tune


One of the most effective ways of improving the potential for fun and performance for your F80 M3 is going to be an ECU Tune, we've had experience with the BM3 Tuning setups ourselves and have found them to be a great choice. 

These tunes remap the ECU, optimize the air-fuel ratio, adjust ignition timing, throttle response & increasing power output. Whether you opt for plug-and-play or a custom tune, this is a great way to improve your enjoyment of a BMW F80 M3

2. Downpipes


Another brilliant mod that we would highly recommend would be downpipes, this is a mod that doesn't necessarily take a huge amount from your pocket but can make a huge difference in the sound of your vehicle, not just in volume but in tone. There are a number of different options available from full de-cat to sports but we always recommend doing some research into what fits best for you.

3. Cold Air Intake

A cold air intake for your F80 M3 is also something that can make a big difference in a few ways. You will notice a difference in throttle response which can help your drive remain smooth, with slight power gains but you will also notice a new sound that can give you a smile whenever you let off the throttle.


On average you will notice a gain of around 10+bhp but this is never guaranteed.

An example of a cold air intake can be found here from WHP Performance

Exterior Styling Mods for the BMW F80 M3

In addition to performance mods, there are also several exterior styling mods that can enhance the appearance of your BMW F80 M3. These mods not only make your car stand out from the crowd but also improve aerodynamics for better performance.


1. Carbon Fibre Full Kit & Gloss Black Full Kit

 Adding a full carbon fibre or gloss black kit to your F80 M3 is a surefire way of giving you an incredible difference from OEM, a full F80 M3 kit is typically comprised of a front splitter, side skirts, diffuser, and spoiler lip.


Carbon fibre is, of course, our first suggestion because not only does it allow for more radical designs but it's lighter, has a more striking design, and suits almost any colour in our opinion but a gloss black kit for your M3 can still look just as great and it's all about personal preference. 

2. Mirror Caps & Carbon / Gloss Black Grilles

Perhaps you're looking to make more subtle changes to your M3? Add some small changes to the exterior? You can't go wrong with some simple changes such as carbon fibre mirror caps and grilles, even if carbon isn't for you, gloss black is available on our site too.


3. Exhaust Tips


One of the best smaller modifications that we suggest can be exhaust tips, the standard quad exhaust is a little underwhelming to look at and with a set of four tips from our range can make a huge difference, we offer all in carbon fibre with black, chrome & burnt end titanium. 

Interior Mods for the BMW F80 M3

While the performance and exterior appearance of your BMW F80 M3 are important, the interior is where you spend most of your time behind the wheel. Here are three interior mods that will enhance your driving experience and make your BMW F80 M3 even more enjoyable.


1. Carbon Fibre Steering Wheel

Upgrading your stock steering wheel to a more aesthetic performance-styled steering wheel can greatly improve the way you appreciate your F80 M3, replacing the OEM wheel with a carbon fibre steering wheel for the F80, made from genuine carbon fibre and either leather or Alcantara with a flat bottom or without.


A new steering wheel can completely change the interior feel of your vehicle & partner one with the point below? a match made in heaven. 

2. Paddle Shifters

Adding brand new paddle shifters to your BMW F80 M3 not only enhances the style and aesthetic of the cabin but they can also really make driving your vehicle easier in manual modes due to the increased size of the paddles themselves.


Once paired with a carbon fibre steering wheel? You have a match made in heaven for your interior.



3. Seat Backs

The last modification you could opt for from CT Carbon would be our genuine carbon fibre seat backs for the BMW F80 M3, F87 M2 & F82/F83 M4.


These pieces would add a significant level of style to the vehicle and make it look like you've absolutely specced the car to the nines! We personally love them and think they add a real racer aesthetic to the vehicle. 

Suspension Mods for the BMW F80 M3

To further enhance the performance and handling of your BMW F80 M3, consider upgrading the suspension. These mods will not only improve cornering ability but also provide a more comfortable and controlled ride.

1. Lowered Suspension

The ride height of the F80 M3 from the factory is one that doesn't need much adjustment but with a set of Eibach Pro Springs which lower the ride height of the M3 by 20mm on the front and rear by 5-10mm on the M3 & M3 Competition which is a modest change but can really improve the road presence of our M3. 

Eibach springs are very close to an OEM ride feel so don't worry about the car being uncomfortable, you will notice a change but the car won't lose its appeal for daily driving!

2. Wheel Spacers

For the ultimate stance on your BMW F80 M3 you will want to add some wheel spacers with your lowering springs from Eibach, we recommend a smaller stance change of 10mm which will make a huge difference in combination with the springs and at CT we only go for hub-centric spacers which are also available from Eibachs website


We did give you more than 5 mods but it's hard to choose sometimes when you just have so much to pick from, especially when carbon fibre is an option.

These modifications can really help bring your vehicle to the next level by adding a mix of sophistication, aggression, or style to your M3 inside or out. We think all of these mods are great options and there are a lot of choices to consider. 

The performance will be all about how much you enjoy the drive, the aesthetic is all about how much you stare at your car when you're walking away.

Whatever you choose, it's all down to personal preference and ours would be the following. 

1. BM3 ECU Tune

2. Full Carbon Fibre Kit

3. Lowering Springs

4. Spacers 
5. Exhaust tips.


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