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How to fit the CTCARBON MP style diffuser to BMW M3 /M4 F80 / F82 / F83

How to fit the CTCARBON MP style diffuser to BMW M3 /M4 F80 / F82 / F83

BMW F82 M4 Carbon Fibre Diffuser
From CT Carbon. ​​

Fitting Kit Includes:

N/A This part used the original mounting hardware.

The Guide:

Step 1

- Remove the two bolts holding on the original diffuser (one bolt either side)

F80 M3 & F82/F83 M4 Diffuser Fitting

Step 2

- Now the two side bolts are removed, the diffuser is clipped in, so if you pull the diffuser from the bottom, the lower clips will come lose making it easier to unclip the top.

M3/M4 Diffuser Fitting Image 2

Step 3

Line up the CTCARBON Diffuser with the bumper and push it into place.

- Refit the two OEM screws into the holes on either side of the diffuser.

M3/M4 Underside Fitting


Finished M3/M4 Carbon Fibre Diffuser Fitting

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PLEASE NOTE: This fitting guide offers only guidance for the self-installation of our products at your own risk, however, we always recommend a professional fitting at a reputable garage or Bodyshop.  As such we do not accept any responsibility or liability for issues or damage encountered during self-installation.


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