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HOW TO FIT BMW M2 / M2 Comp Carbon Fibre MP Side Splitters

How to fit BMW M2 / M2 Comp Carbon Fibre MP Side Splitters

Parts Needed

CT Carbon - Carbon Fibre MP Style Corner Splitters for BMW M2/M2C - SKU CT12

Included with this is:

-8x Self Tapping Screws 

-Double Sided Adhesive Tape

The Guide:

Step 1.

Apply tape provided to the 2 Carbon Fibre Side Splitters like the picture to the Right,

Step 2.

Peel the film off the double sided adhesive and place the Carbon Fibre Side Splitters onto the corners of the car ensuing they are lined up correctly (they should sit nice and flush).

Step 3.

Using the screws provided, Screw through the pre-drilled holes into the bumper to secure the Carbon Fibre Side Splitters, being careful to make sure you do not screw through the top of the bumper (confirm the screw length before fitting).

Step 4.

Repeat on the other side.

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Watch Our YouTube M2 Kit Fitting Video

Disclaimer - CT Carbon does not accept any responsibility or liability for issues or damage encountered during self-installation. Although we provide fitting guides, we always recommend that the parts are fitted at our HQ or by one of our fitting partners.


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