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The New CT Design BMW G87 M2 Carbon Fibre Full Kit

Transform Your BMW G87 M2 With CT Design Carbon Fibre

BMW G87 M2 Carbon Fibre Kit Example

CT Carbon has always been attempting to take styling with quality carbon fibre to another level with every design released, our McLaren 720s Kit received unreal attention everywhere it went, and our Audi RS3 & RS6 designs have had the same reception. 

With the brand new BMW G87 M2, this rule has been no exception with how we designed this one and this kit will be a head-turner all the same. The CT Design BMW G87 M2 kit consists of the following:

1. Splitter

The CT Design BMW G87 M2 Kit consists firstly of a splitter, we always aim for aggression throughout our design that compliments the lines & shape of the car at the front end. 

In our opinion, this brilliant machine has had some front-end inspiration from the mighty Porsche GT2 RS with its very square intakes at each side & rectangular front grille. This design is something we really think is pleasing to the eye. 

Our splitter design takes the aggression of the front end to the next level while still giving an OEM+ aesthetic & optimizes airflow into the massive front-end intakes.


BMW G87 M2 CT Design Splitter
Image from

2. Side Skirts

Our CT Design BMW G87 M2 side skirts follow our typical “CT” styling which opts for a more simple approach to the design.

We prefer our side skirts to follow a line all the way across the car which continues with the OEM+ design elements that we use when our in-house team designed this stunning kit.

These side skirts for the G87 M2 are also made from ultra-lightweight pre-preg/dry carbon fibre as is the whole of the kit. 

BMW G87 M2 CT Design Kit Sides
Image from

3. Diffuser

The rear end of our BMW G87 M2 Kit makes a huge difference to this car, an already aggressive rear end is completely transformed by the combination of our diffuser and spoiler.

The diffuser follows our usual “CT” formula, a multi-layer design that we use to add aggression and depth to the diffuser. We then add sections that wrap around the tips themselves which flow into our corner pieces. 

The one gripe we had with this car was the rear end bumper corners and we feel with the way our kit changes this part, we've achieved a beautiful OEM+ aggressive look. 

BMW G87 M2 CT Design Diffuser & Spoiler
Image from
4. Spoiler

Our spoiler has been the favorite of some of the team already, making a huge difference when combined with the diffuser & we cannot wait for this piece to go onto the car. 

Our objective with CT Designs is to always add more aggression and create a kit that turns heads & this spoiler does exactly that with the design being something that you'd love from the factory and this is what we opt for.

The spoiler adds a huge amount of aggression to the rear of the car & is made of high-quality pre-preg/dry carbon fiber, completely changing the rear end of the car even if used without the diffuser.

BMW G87 M2 CT Design Rear End
Image from
5. The Full G87 M2 Kit

Our G87 M2 CT Design Kit is something we are incredibly proud of and we can't wait to start fitting this to our own BMW G87 M2 which you can watch our video collection of here

We believe our design truly encompassed OEM+ & simple but effective aggression that makes a huge difference to the car and we know this kit will look unreal when fitted.

Our whole team is incredibly excited for this project and we hope you are too! 

BMW G87 M2 CT Design Front End
Image from


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