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How To Make A CT G80 M3

how we made our ct bmw g80 m3

Tesla Model Y Kit Layout

The BMW G80 M3 is the newest generation of the M3, first released in the year 2021. The new G80 platform offered an in-line six-cylinder engine with 503bhp and an 8-speed Steptronic gearbox with rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive options available.  


We ordered ours from new with the intention of keeping it as a long-term project with the plan to create the best kit available on the market. We knew the one option that meant the most to us was the M-Carbon bucket seats, so the spec of the car is as follows: 

- Portimao Blue 

- Competition Pack 

- 19"/20" Jet Black Double-spoke style 826 M forged alloy wheels

- Black / Full Merino Leather

- M-Carbon Bucket Seats

Walking Through Our Mods


Our G80 started off with a very simple modification in the form of a set of four cobra springs from MStyle, lowering the stance of the car. These springs also give a firmer ride which improves rigidity and handling at the cost of some ride comfort. 

The springs on this car specifically are lowering the car at the front by 35mm and 15mm on the rear. 


At CT we were quite interested in understanding the market for forged aluminium wheels & we decided that the best way to have something for all of our cars that we were proud of, confident in the quality & knew would look great was to design our own! So SP Felgen was created with the SP1 and SP2 wheels. This G80 M3 features our one-piece SP1 forged aluminium wheels in satin black. 

Full CT Carbon Kit

Our BMW G80 M3 carbon fibre kit features our full CT Design in-house parts offering, made from high-quality pre-preg/dry carbon fibre. Scanned by our in-house team & designed in Germany by our own team. 

Our G80 originally arrived with gloss black parts from the factory which we wanted to replace and improve upon, this is why we decided to design our kit with full replacements in mind. 

Our kit is comprised of the following: 

BMW G80 M3 carbon fibre splitter from CT Design

BMW G80 M3 carbon fibre side skirt extensions & side skirt replacements by CT Design

BMW G80 M3 carbon fibre diffuser replacement & bumper corners by CT Design 

BMW G80 M3 carbon fibre spoiler by CT Design 

Our kit is made up of a total of 9 pieces which complete the full replacements & additions to the car

Our full BMW G80 3 carbon fibre kit has been incredibly popular since release and we are so happy with the results that our in-house team has created with this kit, a lot of owners tend to go for more M Performance styling which is on the less aggressive side & we wanted to create something that not only adds aggression to the car but also a kit that could be seen coming from the factory. Leave a comment with your thoughts!


From the beginning of having the car, we decided that we did not want to keep the OEM ducts above the splitter, we believe aggression was the best idea, so we developed our G80 Carbon Fibre Ducts which also line up with the design of our splitter. 


The grille for the BMW G80 M3 was the most controversial part of the car originally, the front end of the car was considered very hit-or-miss. You either loved it or you hated it & we weren’t huge fans ourselves when the car arrived to us but once you make a change such as moving the front license plate away from the grille…A huge difference is made. 

We decided to have a version similar to the CSL grille in our G80 carbon fibre grille which is available with ACC or Without. The difference this made was unbelievable & this was noticed when we took the car to BMW Show 2022 from the amount of attention the car received. 

Steering Wheel & Paddles

The Steering wheel & paddles were the most recent addition to this vehicle along with our G80 M3 Carbon Fibre Mirrors. We liked and thought the OEM steering wheel was a good start to the car's interior styling but we wanted to go one step further than this & added our BMW Gxx carbon fibre steering wheel which is available with Alcantara or leather with carbon fibre & even an LED display.

The OEM paddles are also a good start and we even added something similar to the F56 Mini JCW that is owned by one of our team members. This being said we wanted full carbon fibre paddles so we added our BMW Gxx/F40 carbon fibre paddles. 

We are incredibly happy with the results that came from adding these two pieces to our interior trim for the G80 M3. 

You can see our video on our Youtube Channel for our new steering wheel here

Exterior Trim (Mirrors, Fender Trims, Exhaust Tips)

Our G80 M3 has been a car that we’ve loved modifying, not only because a lot of the parts have been so easy to install but also as we’ve added more changes to the car like our G80 M3 carbon fibre kit which has transformed the exterior when paired with our SP Felgen One wheels. 

Our last few mods are smaller exterior mods that have made a great difference to the car, starting off with our G80 M3 carbon fibre mirrors, simple to install if you have a microfibre and a trim tool. This small but what we consider an essential modification makes a huge difference to the outside of the M3, especially with the carbon fibre roof & other parts. 

Our next parts to install are the G80 carbon fibre fender trims, simple stick-on with 3M tape and they add some detail to a part of the car that is otherwise quite bare in a lot of ways, we were really happy with how simple but effective this mod was. 

Lastly, we have our carbon fibre & stainless steel finish BMW G80 M3 exhaust tips which feature a similar MP logo as a small detail. These tips make a very big difference to the back of our G80 but weren’t the easiest to fit due to the OEM exhaust tips being longer but also have a small piece that would stop any others from being fitted. Unfortunately due to this issue, there is some cutting involved but for us it’s worth the effort with just how much of a difference they make on the back end of our CT G80. 

Watch our fitting video series here

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